Works of Art

From Ben’s Journal

Firehole River (Biscuit Basin)

9:30AM – 2:00PM
75 degrees
36 x 48 inches acrylic on polycarbonate

Yellowstone does not disappoint with clear streams, open meadows and unusual rock formations. The sun brings out the gold and burnt sienna in the stones and when these colors are mixed with the Paynes Grey a very subtle green comes into play that matches perfectly with the deeper part of the current. The color combinations almost have this painting creating itself. With winds kicking up in sporadic moments the entire painting is made with the five weight Winston that has enough power to punch the wind but delicate enough to capture the gentleness of the stream. The contrast of dark growth on top of the rocks is a unique feature for this river. A red/orange richness is the monochrome that can be seen throughout this piece. The white spray from the current's movement adds a slight compliment to the painting.

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