In Ben’s Words

Ever since I was young I have been fascinated by watching fish in creeks. Fly fishing for thirty years and pursuing the arts for twenty I was talking on the phone with my brother one evening and everything came together with the idea to create a painting with a fly rod. A stream is nothing more than a moving palette of color and with the expression captured with the use of a fly rod you are experiencing a revolutionary way to use a fly rod, and a unique process of how a painting is made.

● 8 years old grandpa introduced me to fly fishing.

● 2001 BA in fine arts from Washington State University

● Taught Secondary Education for 12 years

● Spring of 2016 had the idea to create paintings with a fly rod

● Sold my house, resigned from teaching, moved to Bozeman (the fly fishing capital of the world) to create these paintings.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy creating them.

Each painting is created on site in terms of the rivers they depict.


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