Works of Art

From Ben’s Journal

Jefferson River (William’s Bridge), Montana

noon – 4PM
43 degrees
36 x 48 inches acrylic on polycarbonate

The Jefferson River had a touch of green intermixed with cold clear run off of the surrounding hills. The stones in this stream vary greatly in size and color. The place that was picked to paint from was overlooking a laughing riffle with a lot of diversity in color and size. The wind put up a bit of a struggle but simmered down towards the end of the painting. The Tearamid fly brush had a strong presence in creating the forms of the small stones as well as the vast amount of colors being presented. The power of the Jefferson’s current is impressive as the hits with the spey rod dominate the majority of the work. The painting has a buttery feel to it as burnt sienna and yellow can be found throughout.

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