Works of Art

From Ben’s Journal

Missouri River (Downstream of Craig), Montana

Noon – 5PM
55 – 60 degrees
48 x 96 inches acrylic on polycarbonate

A gorgeous day to be on the Missouri River. There is a place just shy of a mile downstream of the town of Craig, Montana, that is an outcropping of rock overlooking the Might Mo. The wind was blowing pretty good at the beginning of the painting but calmed down for the majority of the hits. There were no rocks to see to the bottom of the river as its depth was too deep to see through its incredible flow of water. The orange marks at the bottom of the painting is a representation of the rock outcropping. The blues varied upon the green of the water’s color. A point of interest is created to depict the vibrancy of the intense sun. The spey rod carries the majority of the hits to show the incredible power of the Missouri River. There are some exciting red hits throughout that show the reflection of willow brush on the far bank.

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