Works of Art

From Ben’s Journal

Yellowstone River (Carter’s Bridge), Montana

11AM – 3PM
45 – 50 degrees
36 x 48 inches acrylic on polycarbonate

The Yellowstone River had a rich deep blue-green to its color and had a three foot wide white strip of rocks along the bank. The river was low but had that wild inner strength that this river has come to be known for. With some of the most pristine watersheds over 50 miles upstream, the purity of the Yellowstone had an entomological hatch of midges swarming the river’s banks. This painting has the Bolderag out in fine form to leave large swatches of moved paint. These large hits of paint emphasize the delicate riffles on the surface of the flow. A very conscious move for this painting was to embolden the water flow before the streambed was painted. For the record there are yellow stones in this river.

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