Works of Art

From Ben’s Journal

Yellowstone River (Carter’s Bridge), Montana

9:30AM – 3:30PM
38 degrees
36 x 48 inches acrylic on polycarbonate

The forecast called for violent winds but instead allowed for a surreal calm overcast day. A very sporadic ice flow would make an appearance almost every five minutes. The approach to this painting is a tight monochrome silver iridescent transitioning into the contrast and green shades of the river’s colors. The rocks transition from a reddish burnt sienna to an earth tone umber towards the center of the stream. One thought about this painting is to allow the density of the thicker paint to be visible through the translucent top layer. With the use of the spey rod the strength and movement of the river has been doubled up with large shapes overlapping to allow for the eye to rest and pick out subtleties in contrast and repetition.

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